Visiting my friend last weekend in the lovely city of York, I found that it met every expectation I had already made about it. With an old yet quirky feel to it, York is truly beautiful. The cobbled streets and Victorian style buildings give the city a warm feel to it. Not to mention if you are after a one of a kind gift for a friend or family member, York is filled with original shops, providing perfect presents.

View from ‘the loft’

Food wise, the choice of where to eat was astounding, with a restaurant to suit everyone’s taste. Luckily my friend had heard of a quirky café called ‘Lucky Six’, which had the amusing custom of letting you roll a dice after your meal. If you rolled a six you got your meal for £1, which is always an attractive prospect if you are as tight as I am. The café had a ‘loft’ on the top floor, which had lovely views of the York Minster and had a cosy feel to it with sofas and travel books.

On the Sunday, we took a bus journey to York’s Mcarthur Glen designer outlet. This is most definitely worth the trip, and is full of discounted make-up and clothing brands such as Ted Baker and French Connection. If you are looking for gifts that will up your families expectations of you, or a nice treat for yourself at nearly half the price, this outlet will not disappoint!

York is definitely on my list of cities I would visit again, and is worth returning to for a visit to Betty’s tearoom for some cake, which I sadly didn’t get to visit due to the HUGE queue. If you are yet to visit York, I would definitely say it was perfect for a romantic weekend away!

Jade xx

York Minster
York Minster
'The Loft'
‘The Loft’

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