This weekend I travelled to London to see Taylor Swift perform in Hyde Park with my close friend and sister. Arriving in London nice and early, we decided to do a bit of sight seeing before heading to Hyde Park for the show. First on our tube stop destination list was Leicester Square, where we headed to the M&M store and lusted at the number of different coloured M&M’s on offer (Extremely overpriced M&M’s on offer- smelt nice though!). We then took a nice walk to Covent Garden, where we watched some of the street acts perform and stared amazed at the human statues, who can somehow stay so still for hours without getting bored. If going to Covent garden, I advise visiting the Apple Market, which showcases hand-made arts and crafts. These are amazing to look at, and there is some truly original pieces on offer to buy. From here, we walked to the Embankment along Waterloo Bridge, and saw a spectacular skyline of Big Ben, the London Eye and Westminster. I highly recommend taking this walking route from Convent Garden to the Embankment, as you see sights that you are unable to see when taking the tube across London.

View from Waterloo bridge

After visiting the Embankment, we took the tube to visit my sister in Shore ditch. Having never been here before, I was unsure of what this area of London would be like…..I would now advise that it should be a MUST see area of London if you are to visit the city. Shore ditch contains lots of Vintage shops and quirky street art, and most importantly of all, the street food on offer is AMAZING. There are plenty of different food trucks to choose from, and it is a nice area to sit and  eat, as there are communal eating areas in the middle of the street food area. I opted for a burger from the burger van, and I have to honestly say, it was one of the best burgers I have ever eaten!!. Although Shore ditch does have some high street shops, it also contains lots of original stores, offering clothing that is unique, and that cannot be bought elsewhere in London, making shopping in this area definitely worthwhile.

London Eye

We then headed to Hyde Park to see Taylor Swift, to be shocked by the vast amounts of people that were there, and massively regretting that we did not leave just that little bit earlier. She later clarified that 62,000 people were in the crowd,  explaining our shock when we first arrived. The show was absolutely incredible, with beautiful sparkly costumes and dance routines to every song, Taylor put everything into her performance, and it was amazing to see it all. When we arrived at Hyde Park we were given wristbands that activated when Taylor came on, the wrist bands changed in colour depending on the mood of the song, and flashed  with the chorus, which gave the show an amazing feel when it started getting darker. I would definitely recommend getting tickets to one of the many acts they show at Barclaycard Summer Time next year, as it feels like a festival due to the vast size of the crowd, however comes without the sleeping in a tent and the hassle.

My time in London this weekend was perfect, with so many sights to see and places to visit. Each time I go to London I discover a new highlight, and that is what makes it such a desirable city to visit. For anyone who has not been to London before, I recommend that you read around other areas than the main attractions that are listed online, as you will discover something different and diverse to what you may be used to when on a city break.

Jade xxx

Taylor Swift at Hyde Park
Taylor Swift at Hyde Park

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